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The Fire

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Some comments from our supporters:

As a young boy I visited the monument many times the contents were on display and gave many youngsters their first, and lasting, insight to The Bard. Lets get it fixed!

It's terrible to see this in such bad repair. There has to be some public money to be had to restore this fitting memorial to our favourite bard.

I left Ayrshire 7 years ago to come and live in America. Since then I have been back home to visit three times and each time I return another piece of history has gone to wreck and ruin. Americans over here are proud of their history and their ancestry, we should take a leaf out of their book and be proud of ours and preserve what we have.

Sad to see the state of Kilmarnock's "homage" to arguably the greatest Scotsman ever.

As a local boy, I would be delighted to help out in any way I can. Congratulations on getting this up and running.

Haven't been home since the fire but looking at the photos after the fire on this web site made my heart sink. Disgraceful state of affairs. Hopefully this can/should be rebuilt.

The local council should hang their heads in shame as to letting the building and park get into this state. Without being political about this, the people of Kilmarnock must shoulder some responsibility for this, as they keep re-electing a local government that doesn't care about the history of the town. I hope we can all be successful in getting this exceptional building restored and utilised to it's full potential for the good of the community.

From the last time I visited Ayrshire (4 or 5 years ago) I felt that it would be good if Burns facilities complemented and supported each other. Alec Calderwood, New Zealand

Absolutely shocking!!!!! I have been away from Kilmarnock for a few years, and have not always been aware of the importance of our cultural icons, however, this is a tragedy. Aside from the fire, this monument is for by the Kilmarnock people for the Kilmarnock people. I understand that due to public liability, danger etc that the monument needs to be made safe. This does not mean fence it off so that none can appreciate this symbol of our rich heritage and past to the fullest. Colin Banks, Hobart, Tasmania