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“Never doubt that a group of dedicated citizens can make a difference; indeed, it is the only thing that ever does.” Margaret Mead

The primary aim of this site is to provide information, gather ideas and to promote positive solutions to the problem of The Burns Monument in the Kay Park, Kilmarnock. The monument has wide public support but cannot exist in a vacuum. Whilst the Burns Monument is our primary focus, this website will also look at the broader cultural issues surrounding both the monument and related heritage in Ayrshire.

If you are not aware of the current state of the monument, click here for pictures

We seek positive solutions. The Burns Monument has been in a sorry state for some time. Its future will not be best served by playing party politics - the past is the past. However, the recent destruction of the monument is a wake up call. Something has to be done and our call is for progress to be made quickly.

We welcome contributions from any individual or organisation willing to help. We encourage you to register for our email mailing list as a 'friend of the Burns Monument'. We also seek written contributions for publication on this site. We seek writing with a focus on facts and logic and would prefer contributions to be from named individuals, particularly if the writing is in the form of opinion rather than fact. We do recognise that some people may need to withhold their name for professional reasons, but we hope that this will be in the minority.

Our intention is for this site to be genuinely representative of the views of the public and to fairly represent the views of the Council and elected members.

We need the press to be 'friends of the monument'. Whilst bad news stories tend to sell more newspapers, we seek to celebrate and even create good news through our actions. Having said that we will seek out the positive, we will not shy away from the realities of the situation. Inevitably, when we present some of the hard facts, we will be accused of 'talking down the town'. Our response is to say "enough is enough", words have to be accompanied by action.

The next steps

It is our intention to arrange a public meeting to discuss issues relating to the Burns Monument. At this meeting there will be a public showing of the film, ‘The Barred Bard' and an outline of current proposals for the monument. We will invite representatives of The Council, the Enterprise Agencies, local and national politicians and the tourist industry and, through our website, gather as much information as possible to put into the public domain.